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BioThane Slip Leads – Versatile, Colorful, and Durable (4 and 6 foot lengths)

BioThane Slip Leads – Versatile, Colorful, and Durable (4 and 6 foot lengths)

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Experience the fusion of functionality and style with our BioThane Slip Leads, designed to provide ultimate comfort and control for you and your furry friend.

Available in a wide variety of colors, these slip leads not only ensure high visibility but also add a dash of personality to your pet's everyday look. Whether you're going for a sunny morning walk or an adventurous hike, our vibrant leads will always stand out in the crowd.

Crafted from premium BioThane material, these slip leads offer the aesthetics of leather with the added benefits of durability, waterproofness, and easy maintenance. They remain supple and strong in all weather conditions, providing longevity and reliability that surpasses conventional leads.

Choose from 4-foot and 6-foot lengths to match your pet's size and your walking style. The adjustable loop ensures a secure fit for any dog breed, promising uncompromised safety during your walks or training sessions.

Discover the blend of practicality and panache with our BioThane Slip Leads - your pet's perfect companion for every outing.


  1. High-quality BioThane material: Combines the durability of plastic and the appealing look of leather.

  2. Vibrant color choices: Choose from orange, red, pink, or purple to suit your pet's personality.

  3. Versatile lengths: Available in 4 and 6-foot options to accommodate your pet's size and walking requirements.

  4. Adjustable and secure: Features a secure slip lead design that can be adjusted for any dog breed.

  5. Easy to clean: Simply wipe with a damp cloth to keep the lead looking brand new.

  6. Weather-resistant: Remains pliable and durable in all weather conditions, ensuring a long product lifespan.

Note: Always supervise your pet during use. Regularly check the lead for signs of wear and replace as needed.

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